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What to expect during a consultation

Norwich clinicThe first consultation takes 60 to 90 minutes.  First of all, we will develop your case paper and I will ask health and lifestyle related questions. As well as wanting to know why you’ve come for acupuncture, I also need to know about your past medical history and any medications you are taking, as these may affect which treatment Points I choose. We will discuss your digestion, sleep and energy patterns. Answers to these questions will help me to look deeply at your case to see what can be done to help you as an individual. The traditional style of acupuncture that I practice aims to treat people holistically. I want to guide your body into healing itself in order to stimulate long term changes rather than symptomatically taking away your pain only for it to return soon after.  This is why the initial questioning may seem to be quite in-depth.

Acupuncture consultation - Cringleford, NorwichNext I will carry out a body diagnosis on you. This will involve you undressing to your underwear and putting on a clean gown. I will look at the back of your body before asking you to lie down on the treatment couch where fresh towels will be placed over you. I look for signs and symptoms on your body - feeling for changes in temperature and texture. These are all significant aspects of a Chinese Medicine diagnosis. I will then gently palpate your abdomen, and then look at your face before asking you to stick out your tongue. Tongue diagnosis is an art form in itself - so much can be learnt from looking at the colour, shape and coating of a tongue. Finally, I will feel your pulse on both of your wrists. This may take a few minutes as I am investigating the twelve Chinese Organs on the pulse. I search at a Yang (superficial) and Yin (deep) level so you will feel me pressing at different pressures. Great importance is placed on pulse-taking in acupuncture and I will feel it periodically throughout your treatment to see whether this is going the way that I expected it to.

Traditional acupuncture, CringlefordThen you can completely relax on the treatment couch. I will reach my diagnosis and develop my treatment strategy which may involve me palpating some Points to see whether they feel ‘active’ to use. Before I needle you, I will explain where I want to needle and how many Points will be used in order to get your consent. As I practice traditional acupuncture, fewer needles are used - generally between three and seven. This is because the body needs a clear message from the needles on how to heal. The needles then stay in for 20 minutes and I will stay with you in the room during this time but you can close your eyes and relax. Occasionally I will use moxa (mugwort herb) to warm the needles, or cupping, but I will always explain these procedures to you if they are needed.

Follow up appointments are shorter (45mins to 60 minutes). In these sessions, I will ask you about any changes/feedback since the last treatment and feel your pulse/look at your tongue again. It is unlikely that a full body diagnosis will be needed but please wear comfortable clothing so that Points can be easily located and needled.

All of the consultation is confidential. Your notes will be kept locked up and in accordance with data protection laws. Please say if you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions or dont wish to undress for body diagnosis. It is essential that you feel comfortable in the clinic so that your body feels relaxed enough to heal.

Working Hours

Mon - 9:30am - 3:00pm
Tue - 9:30am - 8:00pm
Wed - 1:30pm - 8:30pm (Rowan House)
Fri - 9:30am - 3:00pm
Sat - 8:30am - 1:30pm


Initial consultation and treatment (90 mins) - £50
Follow up treatments (45/60 mins) - £40
5 Session package (paid upfront) - £180

Holistic Facial Acupuncture
Initial Consultation and Treatment ( 90 minutes and includes a jade roller) - £60
Follow up treatments - £50
5 session Facial continuation (paid upfront) - £225
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