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What are The Three Treasures?

The Three Treasures of humanity in Chinese Medicine are Jing (Vital Essence), Qi (Vital Energy), and Shen (Spirit). They can be seen as representations of different condensations of Qi and we need them to be working correctly for good health.

Jing (the most condensed) can be interpreted as our prenatal (inherited) energy which is used in all the major developmental processes of life - puberty, reproduction, and menopause. Unfortunately we cannot add to our prenatal Jing, but we can affect how quickly it is used up in our body through our lifestyle choices. Inherited diseases are also said to be related to our Jing so we could perhaps see it relating to our DNA.

Qi is sometimes interpreted as energy or life force. It is the energy that flows in the main meridians/channels of the body and is affected by the food we eat and the air we breathe. There are several Qi cycles taking place at any one time but of great significance to acupuncture is the two hourly flows through each (Chinese) Organ. Stomach qi for example is said to be most active between 7am and 9am which is a good time for us to have breakfast and digest our food, whilst it is important for us to lying down asleep at 1am so that our Blood and Qi can flow back into our Liver and be refreshed.

Shen (the most expansive form) can translated as Spirit or Mind. Shen is said to reside in the Heart (seen as the Emperor of the Organs). The Heart gives its seal of approval to the Blood and it becomes infused with Shen which is transported around the body. On a practical level, this may explain why a mother’s blood loss after birth may lead to postnatal depression. Shen can be seen shining through in the eyes.

My own personal 'three treasures' are my three daughters, Lily, Juna and Bay. They have been instrumental in my acupuncture journey so the Three Treasures Clinic is named in their honour.

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