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Every year, the British Acupuncture Council devote a week to the promotion of acupuncture. You’ll see a rise of articles in the national press, local promotions, more feeds on social media. Sometimes a celebrity will be approached to act as a spokesperson. But why should this great push to understand acupuncture only happen once a year?

Acupuncture has so much to offer. Just within the last few months in my clinic I have seen it take away longstanding pain, help with emotional issues (including men’s), turn breech babies, help with digestive issues, cease menopausal hot flushes.

Most people know of someone who has benefited from acupuncture. Often treatment is a last resort when Western medicine stops providing answers. But if someone comes with an acute problem, it can often get sorted pretty quickly.

Acupuncture doesn’t always give instant results. But then I’d like to pose the question: If a patient comes with a chronic condition that they’ve had for many years, are we not asking too much for one 20 minute treatment to take away all of the stress, habits and medication side effects that have accumulated over those years? Sometimes instant relief is possible, but we have to be realistic and remember that acupuncture isn’t magic. It is a system of healing that works by balancing the body and encouraging its own homeostatic methods.

Acupuncture can’t grow back degenerated bone or help create babies in a post menopausal woman. But it can increase blood flow, regulate hormones, and affect neural pathways. When using Chinese medicine, we just use a different language to diagnose and describe what is happening. And we choose to use needles in acupuncture points to direct the body to heal itself.

There is so much Western research being undertaken now on acupuncture that it is difficult to keep up with it all and sort the quality research from the poor. The British Acupuncture Council tries to update its website regularly, and the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre provides a specialist resource. So if scientific studies are your thing, there’s plenty out there to help provide ‘proof’ that it works. As for me, I’m much more interested in the daily case studies provided by my own experience as a practitioner. I care whether the points I choose, the way I needle, the lifestyle advice I give will make a difference to my patients.

I am sometimes asked whether you have to believe that acupuncture will work in order for it to be successful. Personally I think that the placebo effect can be incredibly powerful and shouldn’t be dismissed. We are just starting to realise how powerful the mind can be in affecting our health. However, if acupuncture was just placebo, then why would it work on animals? And young children? Why would racehorse owners use it on their valuable horses? If you would like to see a fascinating demonstration of a chicken receiving acupuncture, have a look at the video on the Chi Institute’s Facebook page. The results of the needling are undeniable and I’m sure will make you smile!

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