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The Year of the Pig

Tomorrow, the second new moon after the winter solstice signals the arrival of Chinese New Year. If we are attentive, we can feel the energy shifting in the environment as spring arrives. Quiet snowdrops, and vibrant daffodils always fill me with joy, and if you listen closely you will hear the garden birds start to […]

Just an opinion…

Every year, the British Acupuncture Council devote a week to the promotion of acupuncture. You’ll see a rise of articles in the national press, local promotions, more feeds on social media. Sometimes a celebrity will be approached to act as a spokesperson. But why should this great push to understand acupuncture only happen once a […]

Sweet Cravings – guest blog from Astrid Lowe.

Why You Crave Sweets: an Acupuncturist’s View Have you ever wondered why you have a sweet tooth? Sweet cravings can range from mild and harmless to out of control. Some patients in my clinic say, ‘I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t stop’. If they suddenly drop sugar, they get withdrawal symptoms like […]

Chinese New Year (Resolutions)

I always get excited about Chinese New Year. For me, this is the time to make my New Year Health Resolutions. It’s difficult on January 1st – there’s still food left in the house after the Christmas celebrations and it would feel wasteful, throwing out those chocolates wouldn’t it? Plus it’s COLD. You need strong […]

Autumn Reflections

I spoke to one of my daughters in the kitchen this morning. She was feeling sad but couldn’t pinpoint why, so I tried to explain to her that it’s perfectly normal to feel sad and reflective at this time of year, and to just accept those feelings without judgement. In the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, […]

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Cosmetic Acupuncture
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Follow up treatment (60 mins) - £60
4 session continuation block (paid upfront) - £220
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